Picasso/Prince via ArtDaily

Image here.

I really like this image and wanted to share. Prince/Picasso is at Museo Picasso Malaga in Spain. Read ArtDaily’s article about it here. 

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Sunday Morning Coffee (Oscar Sunday)


I am sitting in a Starbucks in Cincinnati about to get back to my chapter on Lee Yongbaek. Chad and I are here for an exclusive party hosted by Coming off the Reels to celebrate the Oscars. I highly recommend you give their podcast a listen and their blog a read. Their most recent post is Best Films of 2011. Drew and Ryan are smart, witty, and they have insightful things to say about the film industry. They are the Click & Clack of film (but slightly hipper).

What are your top picks for this year’s Oscars? I’m going for The Artist, I’d also love Glenn Close to win just because she is fabulous (I did not see the film, Albert Nobbs, for which she was nominated).

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Want to know more about contemporary art in South Korea?


Leeum in Seoul

Art Radar Asia is holding a give away! Click here to enter by February 29!

Last summer I saw a fantastic exhibition of works by Chang Jia at Gallery Jungmiso which is my vote.

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Sunday Morning Coffee (Pink Splash on a Monday Morning)


Disco in downtown Chicago!

Ex-North Korean artwork shown in the U.S.

Speaking of North Korea, please check out this project! Young Sun Han is an SAIC grad and currently lives in Chicago. Some of his family is from North Korea and a portion of the proceeds from his sales go to Life Fund for North Korean Refugees. (Yes, Zane Davis, I am highly recommending you watch the short video.)

On the Wallstreet Journal Blog, Singapore Considers “No-Censorship Zones”

Art Radar’s 16 most searched Asian artists from July-December 2011. It looks like Ai Weiwei was number one but they also reported a surge in searches for Korean artists (I hope thats not just me doing thesis research!). Lee Yong-baek is number 8 on the list, I am in the midst of writing a chapter on him.

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Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall, Three and a Half, 1911

I saw this on ArtDaily this morning. A Chagall with which I am not familiar. Have you seen it? It made me think of my Tulip. 🙂

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Sunday Morning Coffee

Miru Kim, Composition 2, 2011

I’ve been spending the last week writing a chapter of my thesis on Miru Kim. More on her in another post.

If you haven’t decided who to vote for in the fall let me help you. Michelle Obama does the interlude dance. 

Starving for Perfection–a follow up on some of these artists.

Get some art in the mail for free!

Singapore Considers “No-Censorship Zones”–Read this article

Okay, back to my thesis.

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I like my belly button!

I’m giving a lecture about the Body Project this Friday! If you’re in Chicago and will be downtown at 12:15 please come by! 

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Sunday Morning Coffee (Superbowl Sunday!)


Above is an art homage to the Superbowl at the Indianapolis Museum of Art by Robert Indiana. Enjoy your chili!

I have a VCS Noontime Lecture this Friday in MC 112 South Michigan, Room 501. I’ll be discussing Body Project and I’d love to see you there!

Art Radar‘s third installment of What is ahead for contemporary Asian art, 2012 and beyond? Part III.

The earliest copy of Mona Lisa found at the Prado.

More on the  9th Gwangju Biennale. If I were in Korea I would try to get to one of these workshops.

First Family art stroll.

Paul Gauguin right before he died said, “I have wished to establish the right to dare anything…The public owes me nothing, since my achievement in painting is only relatively good, but the painters–who today profit by this liberty–they owe me something.” Modern Art by Sam Hunter, John Jacobus, and Daniel Wheeler page 44.


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Symbiotic Faces

Both of the works listed below were brought to my attention by eflux.

L.A. Raven, “Mindless Living,” 2011. Video Still.


Barbara Hammer, “Sync Touch,” 1981.

I found it very interesting that within a 24 hour period such similar images came to my attention. That being said. The two video stills prove how distinct such seemingly similar ideas can be. L.A. Raven’s image is so smooth, almost sculptural, and arranged. Hammer’s image seems more like a cropped version of a quick photo taken of two people–it is more raw. I wonder if Hammer’s photo is meant to look like the same person at two different ages. Read about L.A. Raven’s work here and Barbara Hammer’s here.

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Procrastination on Instagram

It is the big thesis semester. School started last Thursday and I am already wavering between being elated and terrified (focusing on the first). In my moments of confusion over my thesis I have taken a few photos in Instagram to amuse myself.

Organization Makes it Happen


Carpet Confusion.


Accidental Lap Desk

(I’m really excited to read this chapter in Traditions and Tensions and am glad I was reminded of it today.)


[My] Pillars of Though and Cannons of Concocting

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